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Book Your Introductory Flight for only $119

Find out if pursuing your pilot’s license should be on your bucket list in 2020.

Seats are limited. Book before they fill up!

What to expect:

90-minute lesson (including 60 minutes in the air)

Control the plane your first time out

Flight instructor introduces you to all maneuvers

Practice right and left turns

2-3 touch and go’s at the airport.

About KC Flight School Pilot Programs:

Purchase one flight at a time and pay as you go (no long-term commitment)

Get your pilot’s license in only 30 lessons

Graduate with 45 hours of flight time

Complete the program at your own pace

Hands-on approach to flying

Fly solo as soon as your 10th lesson

Study support for ground school

Fly mechanically sound Cessna with experienced instructor

Premier flight school in the Kansas City area

Ready to start your journey to becoming a pilot?

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Contact Info

5 Aero Plaza New Century, KS 66031

Phone: 913.240.1694 / 913.735.4FLY

Web: KCFlight

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