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Weight Shift Aircraft


This is about a Weight Shift aircraft. 9000 hours and I have never flown one. The only ones that I know of are Ultra-lights and thus do not require a pilots license. The good news is there are no questions on the FAA exam that directly relate to this. Second this is not simple to answer via e-mail. The problem is we think of Weight and Balance as two dimensional. Weight is the total of what the aircraft loaded weighs and balance (center of gravity) is the point that the plane would balance teeter toter like on a post. GG [...]

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What is Density Altitude?


Learn to think smart. Why is understanding density altitude important? What does density altitude have to do with summer? Just because you can't see it doesn't mean density altitude should be brushed aside. Careful preflight planning is crucial during the summer flying months, and not just at higher-elevation airports, because density altitude can have a real impact on your aircraft's performance regardless of your field elevation. Take the newest quiz from the Air Safety Institute, sponsored by the AOPA Insurance Agency, to find out why. Take a Density Altitude quiz >>

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