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5 Aero Plz, New Century, KS.

Private Pilot License

Flying is something that is available to everyone, not just rich people or military members. Men and women are learning how to fly and becoming pilots each and every day. The only thing each had in common, they wanted to learn to FLY!

KC Flight has over 12 years of professional teaching experience and has been teaching Kansas City student pilots for more than 8 years. KC Flight has over 10,000 hours of instruction time with students that have come from all over the nation to get their pilot training from the best instructors out there.

KC Flight provides the greatest instruction at the most reasonable cost around. All it takes is to look around, our aircraft are better and so are our prices. KC Flight has fixed costs or pay as you go. Even finance your flight training! Purchase our $99 Intro Flight and learn why we are better!

Private Pilot Program

Description Price per hour Hours Cost
Cessna 172 $94.00 (club rate) 40 minimum $3760
Flight Instruction $40 30 minimum $1200
  Our average student finishes in less than 45hour and less than $6000.00