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The Aviation World is a Small One

Have you ever used online flight planning websites such as NavMonster became one of the best online flight planning websites that I had used in a very long time and it was free! Well today I found out that Navmonster will no longer be able to operate their website because of a flight planning patent awarded to FlightPrep. Flightprep is taking any flight planning company to court over their patent. This is just an attempt to become a monopoly over the Flight planning world. FlightPrep is not an online website that is free. They sell over priced equipment that you can carry with you, but for $1500. Like I said the aviation world is small, I would like to make it known that I myself will never support a FlightPrep product because of this case. Flight Planning is one of the most IMPORTANT things to a good and safe flight. To make it where every pilot will have to do it all manually or buy the FlightPrep software is absolutely ludicrous.