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How long does it take to become a Private Pilot?

Submitted by trenfro on Fri, 11/26/2010 - 03:09

That depends on the students.
We break it down to 30 lessons. 
If you do one lesson a week you will finish in 30 weeks,  If you do 3 lessons a week you finish in 10 weeks.
Most of our students are between 10 to 30 weeks.
In theory you could do 3 lessons a day in finish in ten days.   Fourteen days is the shortest time that I have ever completed a student.
If you do less than 1 lesson per week you will not finish in 30 lessons.  Students that go two weeks with out flying end up repeating lessons.

What is required to become a private pilot?

Submitted by trenfro on Fri, 11/26/2010 - 03:00
  1. You need a total of 40 hours of flight time.

This includes: a minimum of 20 hours of dual flight instruction, a minimum of 10 hours of Solo.
The 20 hours of dual must include: 3 hours of night, 3 hours of instrument training, 3 hours of Cross Country an 3 hours of Practice for the Check-ride.
The ten hours of solo must include: 5 hours of solo cross country flight. (exceeds 50 nm)
2. You need a third class medical before you can solo (equal to a high school sports physical - talk to your instructor before going for a medical)
3. You must pass a 60 question written exam with 70% or better. (you can self study or there are several ground school options)
4. You must pass a check-ride with an examineer. (It's our job to make sure you are ready for this flight)
At KC flight we normally do 30 lessons each lesson averages an hour and a half, you get 40 to 45 hours. About 30 dual and 10 solo with 5 extra hours to be used as needed.